Decorative Metals have been used in architectural applications for centuries, designers continue to search for new methods of enhancing their finished appearance. Forging, pounding, forming, etching, grinding, and polishing have long been the mainstays in metal finishing . . . . . until now!
Pacific Crest Industries has developed SpectraMetal, an exciting new process of engraving highly reflective patterns into the surface of decorative metals and metal laminates. Our Decorative Metal patterns have thousands of microscopic reflective facets per square inch, resulting in a three dimensional appearance with such depth and brilliance never before achieved by any other process. Our Metal Laminate line feature brilliant metal colors and patinas on solid metal combining ease of use with beautiful metal finishes. Samples are available for exact pattern appearance. This unique process is computer guided which allows the patterns to be scaled to fit any application, and also insures that each sheet is an identical match. Patterns can be tiled over large areas with exact registration along joints providing a seamless appearance.

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