Northern Italian Lakes Backsplash – SpectraMetal


Northern Italian Lakes Backsplash

  • 40000

Our Northern Italian Lakes color backsplash is reproduced from the original painting done by renown Newport Beach, California artist Mike Hoctor. Mike Hoctor has traveled extensively in Italy and draws from his experiences when he creates his paintings.

The backsplash is a chromagraphic print that is digitally transfered to the surface of aluminum. It is then sealed with our patented SpectraCoat clear coating, making the finished piece both water-proof and wear resistant. The image is semi-transparent to allow the natural reflectiveness of the metal show through providing a dazzling effects when your hood or under-counter light hits it.

These backsplashes are suitable for use behind ranges or cook-tops, or because it is weather-proof, it even can be framed and used outdoors as art.

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